Reducing Fleet Diesel Theft

Reducing Diesel Theft For Your Truck / Fleet

As the fuel price steadily increases, the rise in fuel theft poses a serious threat to transporters’ viability.

Diesel theft is on the increase. Small opportunistic criminals have set up shop where they buy fuel from drivers at a reduced rate and sell the fuel back to unscrupulous transporters, also at a reduced rate.

One of the easiest and most popular ways is to siphon fuel from a trucks tank.
It takes just a few minutes with the help of a hose pipe, a drum and a willing driver to raid a truck’s fuel tank. The stolen fuel is then sold for less than it is worth and the employer is none the wiser.

The transport company’s return on investment is severely affected.

Given that diesel costs can account for up to 40% of the operating costs of a transport company, combatting fuel theft is crucial to the sustainability of any transport operation. If a business loses 50 litres per week per truck to theft, that’s 200 litres per month at a cost of R2 200 per month per truck.

To combat such theft, there are many anti-siphon devices available which prevent this type of diesel theft.
One of the easiest and most cost effective ways is to fit such an ASD device as manufactured by ERP Trucking Components. Based on the above calculation the device as supplied by them would pay for itself in under two weeks.

ERP Trucking Components has been manufacturing such devices for the past 10 years and has sold thousands of these “easy to fit” ASD’s to their diesel –wise customers. Hundreds of thousands of Rands has been saved for its clients.

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